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Finally even the stickers!

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Perfect Size Case

We have a specific case for each type of card for all major brands on the market




Easily available service, always helpful



GRAAD Standard

Fixed cost independent of the value of the card



GRAAD digital

Designed for high or very high value cards and in excellent state of preservation



GRAAD authentication

An optical certification procedure for the authenticity


Verify a graadation

Enter in the field below the eight-digit numerical verification code that you find on the certificate.

what is GRAAD?

Grade Authority and Authentication Division: the new certifying company which, through an innovative mathematical method and a team of experts in the sector, authenticates and rigorously evaluates the quality of all types of collectible cards, in all languages!

who is it aimed at?

at professional collectors and at collectible and game card enthusiasts who want to verify a graded card or want to have their cards certified or make a card even rarer

why choosing us?

  • increase the value up to 80-90%
  • increase the rarity of a card
  • sell your cards more easily
  • we're simple, fast, cheap

There are many other reasons to choose us, it would take too long to write them all here, read here to know them all

why choosing us

how does it work?

  • choose the type of service
  • fill out the online request order
  • package and send the cards
  • receive at home the graded cards
  • give the buyer the verification code
  • sell your card at a higher value and quicker

GRAAD offers to collectors three
levels of service


Graad Standard


servizio di certificazione simil psa certificazione standard graad

The Standard Service is the most widespread on the market, available at a fixed cost independent of the value of the card. Perfect for medium and low value cards, or high value but in a non-optimal conservation status.

And now there are also full art labels with graphics adapted to the artwork of the card or sticker

servizio di certificazione simil psa certificazione standard graad

Graad digital


servizio di certificazione simil psa certificazione digitale graad

The Digital service is conceived for high value cards in excellent conservation status. It includes Standard grading and adds a more in depth evaluation through the analysis of more sophisticated parameters.

Graad Authentication


servizio di certificazione autenticità carte con e senza voto

The Authentication service is a certification of the authenticity of a card. The card is equipped with its printed and digital certificate, finally as protection it is encapsulated in a plastic polycarbonate case.

tcg collector review graad certifications
As an European retail shop owner I tried all of the European grading companies and lot of people asking as "where I need to grade my cards ? " My answer always the same : GRAAD ! I tried all the European grading companies and I had critical issues ! Only GRAAD was the only one who has always kept his promise ! GRAAD every time was accurate ! Cards are never late (sometimes I get back my cards sooner than it should have !) , shipping 1-2 day , support : 10/10 (and the true is more than 10/10 !) always very kind and very informative ! I never waited more then 10 minute for an answer ! Because of the very good service to be in the GRAAD service the biggest happiness in my days, the graded cards just a plus !
Gabe Thomas
tcg france magic the gathering collector review graad certifications
I'm a French Magic the gathering and Pokémon cards collector. I needed a solution to protect my cards and Graad is the best solution on the European market. The slab is secured and offers the best protection for the card and for the collector (Some very big problem with French graded societies for example to compare) As a business leader, I appreciate that Graad respects delays and communicates with customers. Last point, the gradation is constant and respects the state of the cards.
Patrice Vittu
Magich The Gathering Collector (France)
tcg pokemon certifications review graad netherlands
I'm verry glad with the service of GRAAD. I have already send a second wave of cards to them! Can't wait for the return. GRAAD is a very nice way to grade your cards and keep them protected forever in a nice case. The communication is very good and quick. I would recomend them to anyone who wants to get their collection graded.
Arnound Bakx
Collector (Netherlands)
tcg pokemon certifications review graad belgium
First time grading cards and some friends recommended Graad for this. After paying to get all my cards graded i scheduled a day for them to come pîck up the package. I just needed to send the days I was home to graad. After that it took around 30 days to get my cards back(you can ez follow the process on your account) and graded, they even gave my toploaders back which was really nice. So I am really happy with the overall experience. Greetings, Axl from belgium.
Axl Coomans
Pokemon Collector (Belgium)
certificazione carte pokemon psa equivalente recensione graad emanuele ferrero
Positive experience with everything, from customer service (extremely available) to the cards' evaluation. Graad from my point of view represents a very valid wholly Italian alternative to other bodies that deal with the same services. I also want to mention the beautiful case, really very beautiful and very elegant.
Emanuele Ferrero
Collector and YouTuber
certificazione carte pokemon psa equivalente recensione graad fabio nocella
Highly recommended! Very clear on the website with explaining and illustrating the service, the order system is intuitive, very efficient and very fast both with pickup and delivery, evaluation method "severely fair"! I will send you soon other cards to be graded... Thanks GRAAD
Fabio Nocella
certificati carte pokemon psa equivalente recensione graad rodolfo di pasquale
Really excellent at everything, both with availability to clarify via e-mail and with their service.. As soon as I have the chance I will again send them new cards. Recommended!!
Rodolfo di Pasquale
recensione graad fausto sechi gradazione psa carte pokemon
Professional, on time, precision and definitely the protective cases are really beautiful! Highly recommended company!
Fausto Sechi
Collector (Pokemon) and YouTuber
recensione graad marco colombo certificazioni carte magic
I got two Magic cards certified after reading and listening to many reviews on the company. Well what to say, 100% satisfied the cards got an objective grade and absolutely in line with what I was expecting. Highly recommended!
Marco Colombo
Collector and YouTuber
recensione graad davide benaglia certificazioni carte pokemon e magic
As first experience with Graad I wanted to grade 2 Pokémon and 2 Magic cards, of different conservation status as to see what would come out from different situations. I have to say that all the four cards received grades perfectly consistent with what I was expecting and considering fair, therefore I was excellently satisfied with the service: precise, objective and fairly severe. I will come back for sure with other cards, both from Magic and Pokémon! Thank you and keep it up!
Davide Benaglia
Collector (Pokemon & Magic)
certificato carte pokemon recensione graad di vantino visconti
What struck me the most is customer service always available, kind and efficient. The protective cases are fantastic and the grades correspond perfectly to reality. Happy to have supported an Italian grading company.
Valentino Cesare Visconti
recensione graad lorenzo delle luche certificazioni carte pokemon
Excellent and fast service. Expert and knowledgeable staff. Protective case of excellent quality and beautiful graphics. Service equivalent to the most known global grading bodies which though do not deal with cards in Italian (such as in my case). Highly recommended!!!
Lorenzo delle Luche
Collector (Pokemon)
recensione graad marco maggiore certificazioni carte TCG pokemon
They always answered kindly, quickly and precisely to my requests. I overcame my initial worries and tried 3 gradations. Excellent service, both regarding quality and schedules rosier than any expectation, the grades are in my opinion strict and fair so certainly they will received other cards of mine in the future :)
Marco Maggiore
Collector (Pokémon)
recensione graad sara lucà certificazioni carte pokemon
I recommend it to collectors who want to preserve their cards or increase their value. I sent a dark arbok to be graded and in my opinion it was evaluated 100% correctly and truthfully
Sara Lucà
Pokémon collector
paolo chieri valutazione carte pokemon recensione
Very nice and comfortable, we really needed a grading body in Italy!
Paolo Chieri
Pokémon collector 
giuseppe martoccia testimonianza graad certificazione carte pokemon tcg
I was really satisfied!! The plastic container is made of excellent material, I really like the idea of leaving the card in a protective sleeve, as to keep it 100% safe and immaculate. Very precise, severe just right with grades (2 gradations got 10 and 1 got 5) what else to add except CONGRATULATIONS KEEP IT UP!!!
Collectors and YouTubers
recensione graad pierfrancesco russi certificazioni carte TCG magic the gathering
Professional, kind, efficient. GRAAD offers a precise and impeccable service to beginner collectors and experts. Everything perfect, I can't wait to order again.
Collector (Magic the Gathering) & Youtuber
recensione graad brozzers certificcazione carte pokemon
The test cards that I received came in a very short time, as soon as I opened the package I could not notice the fine packaging of the product and its solidity, nothing to envy to competitors. The cards which I later got graded respect their strict evaluation methods. Fast and valid service from my point of view.

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Essential points of GRAAD

Here you can find the information to navigate our portal and understand how to authenticate and evaluate the quality of all types of collecting cards, in all languages!


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Structure of GRAAD's certificate

Here's a synthetic description of the authenticity and qualitative evaluation certificate which is issued in a certification carried out by Grade Authority and Authentication Division. 


Polycarbonate case

The cards are enclosed in a plastic polycarbonate anti UV rays protective case, resistent, scratchproof, dustproof, waterproof, ultrasound welded with an anti-tampering micro-weld


Grade from 1 to 10 or service's acronym

The qualitative grade is PSA equivalent, on a scale from 1 to 10, and immediately recognizable it indicates the quality status of a card for which GR.A.AD guarantees an evaluation with total reliability. If the requested service is for the card's authenticity only the letter A will appear instead of a grade.


Authenticity code

On the card there is a unique verification code to check online the authenticity of the card. If a card has a code that corresponds to it it is surely an authentic card.

Find out all the details of the certificate

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Our customer service is at your disposal from Tuesday to Saturday, from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., via one of the following channels:

02 87 393 016

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Write to us for information or if you have any questions


You can also communicate with us live via chat


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