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GRAAD history, mission, philosophy and vision

A new certification body

Grade Authority and Authentication Division, GRAAD, is a new authenticity and quality certification body for collectible cards. Born from the experience of a team of professionals who have developed an innovative processing system and rigorous, reliable and scientific procedures, it intends to offer professional collectors and enthusiasts a high quality, specific service, dedicated to authenticity and quality certification of collectible cards.

The experience of Daniele Sarriano

The structure and organization of GRAAD are the result of the commitment of the head expert Daniele Sarriano and the staff of Pianeta Hobby, well known store in Milan as well as digital store, today absolute point of reference in the panorama of Italian professional collecting. In over twenty years of activity in the world of collectors, Pianeta Hobby has attracted in its orbit several passionate experts and card collecting professionals. Thus a very competent group formed put together with the convergence of knowledge in different fields and specializations that today cover all areas of interest and all brands of collectible cards.

The shortcomings of other bodies

Sensitive to the needs of Italian collectors, the group led by Sarriano has detected different deficiencies of collectible card certification bodies. The impossibility of certifying some types of cards, long processing times, difficulties and high overseas shipping costs, the impossibility of having a customer service available during times at which Europeans are active, the lack of specificity of the certification procedures of organizations born decades ago in the sector of American sports cards (very different from modern collectible card games), to end with high service costs for high-value cards, designed as a "tax" which increases with the value of the card.

The birth of GRAAD's team

The group led by Sarriano therefore conceived the idea of structuring itself to become the team of GRAAD. By involving Luigi Pignalosa, creative talent with experience in communication, the team put effort into giving shape and structure to an innovative company capable of filling the gaps and going beyond the current offer by improving the service to provide the public with an adequate response to the requests of collectors both Italians and Europeans. Under the expert guidance of Sarriano, the team, in two years of hard work, has sought, developed, and put in place all the procedures, practical and theoretical methodologies at the base of the services proposed by GRAAD.

2018 GRAAD is born

Finally in 2018, GRAAD is born, the first Italian and European body offering an innovative grading and authenticity certification for collectible playing cards. The service is specific and scientific to meet the expectations of the most experienced collectors but, at the same time, it is simple and cheap, to meet the needs of debut collectors or small collectors that due to organizational difficulty and high costs have never had access to the world of certified cards.

logo graad ente valutazione e autenticazione carte collezionabili

GRAAD's philosophy

Our main purpose is to be synonymous with rigor, impartiality, precision and credibility, and become a well known and reliable reference term to respond to the need of all collectors, experts or beginners. First we want to guarantee a base service level better than what is currently offered by other foreign companies which offer a service non-specific for collectible playing cards and at a too high cost. For this reason we propose to collectors a rapid, simple and cheap base service, making you save on service and shipping costs, avoiding complications and long times. We want to be a partner of expert collectors guaranteeing a geographically close, attentive and helpful customer service, offering a certification service at a very fair price because it is independent of the value of the inspected cards, finally, only for those who wish, proposing a high-level digital service, developed with innovative methods and techniques, to ensure a further added value to high value cards in good conservation status.

The future for GRAAD

All of this because we want GRAAD to become a European point of reference in the world of card collecting, through research and innovation in a field that becomes increasingly technical and specialized. GRAAD works and will work for the search for new tools and new procedures, increasingly specific and increasingly rigorous and scientific, to guarantee the public of collectors an absolutely truthful and not up for debate service, thus providing the maximum guarantee of the quality assessment of their cards.

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