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We offer rigorous services, based on a scientific method for a reliable result, because we calculate our grades with mathematical methods, using modern techniques and tools for collectible cards in order to be able to guarantee, better than any other certifying body, an objective and credible evaluation.


Our experience in the collectible card sector has deep roots. All staff members have been immersed for more than twenty years in the world of collectible cards as players, event organizers, expert collectors and sellers. They have therefore learned, handled, used cards of all brands and they know them very well. This represents for our customers a certainty of specificity, a unique and irreplaceable guarantee, combined with the "scientific" tools it creates a unique quality combination.
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Our services are specific for collectible cards, they have been developed considering the characteristics and specifications of the cards, they are therefore not generic services that try to include heterogeneous materials (stickers, comics, other collectibles), so they are high quality and specificity services that offer the maximum value to the collector of game or collectible cards.


A fair cost because the quality of the services (and their cost) is independent of the value of the analysed cards. In fact, we do not want to "tax" the collector, as other certifying bodies do, asking for a price that depends on the value of the card. Instead, we want to be a partner who help collectors build their certified quality collection.


We have simplified to the maximum the request process of an order. Our client, to make the grading process start, has to make a few simple things. Complete a very intuitive digital form, even from your phone, and prepare a package with a few precautions.
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We organized our work to offer the fastest service in the industry, even in the case of standard grading our processing times are very short. We also make you save further time thanks to our location in Europe (Italy, Milan).

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Our customer service is at your disposal from Tuesday to Saturday, from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m., via one of the following channels:

02 87 393 016

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You can also communicate with us live via chat


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