GRAAD authentication

The GRAAD authentication service is an optical certification procedure for the authenticity of a collectable game card or sticker available at

base price of 12,00€ / card.

base price of 14,00€ / sticker.

graad collectible card authenticity certification service

Authentication Prices - Cards

QNT15 days10 days5 days1 day same day
1-912,00 €16,00 €21,00 €24,00 €30,00 €
10 - 3011,00 €14,67 €19,26 €22,01 €27,51 €
31 - ∞10,00 €13,33 €17,50 €20,00 €25,00 €

Authentication Prices - Stickers

QNT15 days10 days5 days1 day same day
1-914,00 €17,50 €23,00 €28,00 €35,00 €
10 - 3012,60 €15,75 €20,70 €25,20 €31,50 €
31 - ∞11,20 €14,00 €18,40 €22,40 €28,00 €

The card or sticker undergoes a preliminary check, if it turns out to be genuine it gets encapsulated, as a protection, in an anti-tampering plastic polycarbonate case together with its authenticity certificate without a grade. Instead of the grade an acronym A (Authentic) will appear.

Authentication with signature

The procedure for authenticating a card or a sticker can also be carried out on signed cards by signing the option during the order form. The card is subjected to the same procedure and a specific verification is carried out for authenticity; of the signature.

graad standard signature certification and authentication service

The team will authenticate both the card and the signature. If both (card and signature) turn out to be authentic, instead of the grade the acronym AS (Authentic Signature) will appear on the certificate and at the bottom, under the card's name the name of the author of the signature and the SGNT code (Signature) will appear.

In the event of fake signatures, the card will be encapsulated with the acronym AA (Altered Authentic) as explained in the preliminary check paragraph. The cards judged fake, as always, will be returned to the sender without being encapsulated.

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The things we adapted to the market for

We adapted to the market standards regarding

  • the ultrasound micro-welded anti-tampering plastic polycarbonate case
  • use of a unique numerical code to consult the digital certificate
  • the anti-counterfeit holographic stamp

What we improved

The fixed cost

Compared to other certifying bodies we do not ask for a cost that varies in relation to the value of the card, but it is fixed. In fact, we do not believe that "taxing" the collector in relation to the value of his card is fair.

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The procedure

Compared to market standards we have also improved the optical verification procedure based on the analysis of the card with a magnifying glass. You can learn more about the details of the method on the page dedicated to the grading process, where you will find both authenticity and qualitative analysis methods (standard and digital grading), so you can directly evaluate which procedure responds to your needs better.

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We also improved

The grade's quality

Thanks to the twenty-year long experience of our team, the calculation method of the grade (of standard and digital grading) has been improved to guarantee the collector even more objectivity through a calculation formula that adopts a weighted average designed to consider the "weight" of the various factors in question. American certifying bodies, born in the sector of sports stickers and cards, do not consider the weight of the factors as a collector of playing cards but they simply assign a single grade. GRAAD instead attributes a different weight to each factor, to reflect what has always been the way of reasoning of the collectible card collector and to express for this reason a final vote that is certainly more "rigorous" and scientific.

The aesthetics

We have also improved the grading aesthetics, creating a graphically well-finished certificate to give the card, once enclosed in the case, the maximum charm and maximum beauty also to the observer. We have dedicated a page to illustrate the structure and aesthetics of our certificate

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The QR code on the back

As a convenient alternative to the use of the eight-digit numeric code we introduced a practical QR-code on the back of the certificate that accompanies the card. By scanning with a smartphone, you get access directly to the digital certificate's page, exactly as if you entered the code in the verification field.

Certifiable cards

Thanks to the twenty-year long experience of our team in the collectible card sector, we are able to certify cards of all sets of all collectible card games, without limits of brand, set, language. On the page dedicated to certifiable cards you will find the specific indications to make sure of the few exceptions we do not certify.

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