Sealed grading scale

Standard quality rating scale for sealed products

Grades that have become the sector's standard

Here we present the scale of the grades that have by now become the sector's standard, with the relative qualitative level. The descriptions here proposed are exemplary, they should not be considered as binding, they are only statistically likely descriptions but there are exceptions. We must also stress that our evaluation procedures are innovative and scientific, they can therefore detect a greater or lesser quality than that coming from a superficial observation.


[Al-Au]  Authentic-altered

If there is no numeric grade in the hexagon but the acronym "AA" and the booster pack is regularly encapsulated, it means that you are in front of an authentic but altered card. GRAAD therefore does not express a qualitative assessment (numeric grade) and certifies only the authenticity of thebooster pack.


[pr] Poor 

The Poor 1 booster pack is one that has similar attributes to a Good 2 booster but is plagued by very serious problems, such as heavy liquid contamination, which deforms the normal dimensions of the booster pack. Along with this problem, mold may appear , significant openings of the seals, always provided that there was no way to tamper with the contents of the package itself by adding or removing cards.


[good] Good

A Good 2 booster pack is one that presents itself similarly to a Very Good 3 with the addition of invasive and, therefore, serious defects. The dirt can cover the majority of the surface of the package, completely invalidating its eye appeal, together with an increasingly less secure seal, which however guarantees that there has not been any replacement of cards beyond any suspicion. The lacerations also affect all four edges and corners.


[vg] Very Good

With a Very Good 3 booster pack we find ourselves interfacing with a package that has similar attributes to a Very Good-Excellent 4, which however has tears on each end. The general state of the package is certainly suboptimal, with evident signs of contamination from external agents, such as water and dirt, also being contemplated.


[vg-ex] Very Good - Excellent

A Very Good-Excellent 4 booster pack appears at first sight very similar to an Excellent 5 package, but it also involves the appearance of the following problems: corners and surface are irremediably compromised, in addition to the visible abrasions and wear, in fact there are clear tears , in a limited number.The state of the rear seal must continue to be intact in the vast majority of its extension.


[ex] Excellent

An Excellent 5 booster pack is presented in conditions similar to an Excellent-Mint 6, which however is further affected by wear extending to all four corners, in addition to more or less widespread lacerations between the surface and ends of the package. Furthermore, the seal may no longer be completely secure, despite performing its function adequately.


[ex-mt] Excellent - Mint

An Excellent-Mint 6 booster pack takes care of all the imperfections that we can find in a Near Mint 7 package, with the addition of one or more of these defects: the seals have slight tears, wrinkles are found on the surface and/or seals , which undoubtedly remain intact.


[nm] Near Mint

A booster pack in Near Mint 7 condition shows a general picture similar to a Near Mint-Mint 8 package, with the substantial difference that all four corners could show wear, even at a sensitive level, with dents starting to be detected upon superficial examination. The state of the seal expects it to be intact, although there may be folds on it, as well as moderate signs of wear or abrasions.


[nm-mt] Near Mint - Mint

A booster pack in Near Mint-Mint 8 condition has similar characteristics to a Near Mint-Mint+ package, with the difference that the signs of wear extend to a couple of corners, as well as the surface signs, that are expected to be visible at a careful ocular examination. The centering of the package starting from this point is expected to appear asymmetrically.


[nm-mt+] Near Mint - Mint Plus

A booster pack in Near Mint-Mint+ 8.5 conditions meets the same criteria as a Mint 9 package, with the addition of a greater extent of signs of wear on the package, whether on the edges or on the surface. However, the seal must not be more than creased to make the package qualify for this rating.


[mint] Mint

A booster pack in Mint 9 condition is a booster almost similar to a Mint+ 9.5 package, except that among the defects found, we also begin to find color inconsistency, which however do not affect the feeling of being faced with a booster pack in optimal conditions from a wearing point of view, which will not appear except in slight instances relating to one of the corners.


[mint+] Mint

A Mint+ 9.5 booster pack is a one that is virtually in perfect condition, except that it has very slight defects that do not invasively impact the eye appeal of the package as a whole. The defects found may involve less than optimal centering, very slight creasing of the seals and fewer surface imperfections, mainly due to accidents during the production phase and not attributable to wear and tear on the package.


[gem-mt] Gem Mint

A booster pack in Gem Mint 10 condition is a pack that is virtually perfect. Corners and ends show no damage or signs of wear, appearing free from defects to the naked eye. Consequently, we do not notice the presence of tears or holes, just as there are no signs of any kind on the rear opening, which is therefore perfectly intact. The irrefutable optimal state of the package leaves a margin of tolerance, albeit minimal, for slight printing imperfections, always provided that these do not affect the perception of the optimal state of the package.

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