Why choosing GRAAD

The reasons why a collector can choose us as a certification service

Method: scientific and specific

...because it uses a scientific and specific method for high quality services. Our team has developed an innovative certification system, with rigorous procedures, measurable parameters, a mathematical algorithm designed to offer absolutely objective qualitative evaluations in the specific field of collectible playing cards.


... it is the cheapest and fairest on the market, it offers the base service at the lowest possible price, it reduces greatly shipping costs, and above all it makes the certification accessible at a fixed price, independent of the declared value of the card!


we simplified the procedure of requesting a certification as much as possible by making it accessible to everyone, even for one single card


we are the fastest in processing and shipping times, including base service, and compared to overseas bodies, we make you save whole weeks with shipments within Europe.

And as if that weren't enough

Customer care

Close and available both by mail and phone, for any questions or problems contacting us is easy

Perfect size cover

Our covers are perfectly adapted to the size of the cards and stickers, the card does not move even a tenth of a millimeter, we do not need to use internal sleeves to immobilize the cards and the result is aesthetically perfect.

100% transport insurance

Anyone who chooses to use our integrated courier booking service and subscribes to insurance is 100% guaranteed because courier insurance is not used (which does not recognize collectibles because they are not insurable). Ours is private insurance made on purpose with 100% coverage guarantee

Authentication of signatures

If an object is signed, our authentication service is carried out thanks to a partnership with an official association recognized at European level (Associazione Italiana Autografi).

Reward System Awards

We have developed a system to reward our customers who earn points in every order that allow them to redeem rewards or discount codes


After many requests from our audience we have implemented half-votes in the certification with vote service

Aesthetics and label choice

To meet the wishes of the most demanding collectors on an aesthetic level, we have developed the ability to certify objects with different types of labels and we have created an order page that allows the user to choose the label they prefer.

Cards and stickers (and much more soon)

In January 2022 we introduced the possibility of certifying stickers as well, and soon it will be possible to certify other collectible items as well.

Servce IP (Infinity Project)

We have also satisfied the many collectors who delight with custom, artistic or personalized cards because with the Infinity Protection service it is possible to encapsulate any card, even if not authentic, deciding which label to use and what to write on the label.

Advanced card register

For collectors who love statistics, we have implemented an advanced card register that allows you not only to view data and graphs but also to download statistics and save your favorite searches.

Showcase Certificates

To encourage collectors' ability to sell their certified cards with us, we have created a showcase section where it is possible to put a card on sale and manage communications relating to the negotiation of each card.

Innovation: digital grading

... because Digital grading is an innovative service, the result of a development research by GR.A.AD's team, and represents an example of technical skills and specialization in the field of collectible card certifications that offers a true added value to the collector for high value cards in good conservation status.

Team: 20 years of experience

... because GRAAD's team has 20 years of experience in the field of professional card collecting. The team was formed by absorbing the skills of professional collectors, players, sellers, enthusiasts who have been orbiting around the collecting point of reference in Italy for years, Pianeta Hobby. This experience, together with rigor and scientific method creates a unique quality combination and allows to offer a reliable, professional service, aimed at the needs of collectors.

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All brands in all languages

...because it is the first body being able to certify all brands in all languages. We can certify all the Pokemon sets in Italian and in the other European languages, Asian languages, English, and also all sets of Yu-Gi-Oh!, Magic the Gathering, Cardfight Vanguard and all the other collectible card games released in European languages or English.

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Specific protection of cards

...because we have developed the service to ensure maximum protection of the card, with a professional polycarbonate case, ultrasound welding of the same, a unique and irreplaceable identification code and an anti-counterfeit holographic stamp.

Contact us for information and assistance!
Here are our channels

Our customer service is at your disposal from Tuesday to Saturday, from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., via one of the following channels:

02 87 393 016

Dial the number to speak to a member of staff


Write to us for information or if you have any questions


You can also communicate with us live via chat


YStay in touch and keep up to date with all the news;

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