Standard grading scale

Standard quality grade scale

Grades that have become the sector's standard

Here we present the scale of the grades that have by now become the sector's standard, with the relative qualitative level. The descriptions here proposed are exemplary, they should not be considered as binding, they are only statistically likely descriptions but there are exceptions. We must also stress that our evaluation procedures are innovative and scientific, they can therefore detect a greater or lesser quality than that coming from a superficial observation.


[Al-Au]  Authentic-altered

If there is no numeric grade in the hexagon but the acronym "AA" and the card is regularly encapsulated, it means that you are in front of an authentic but altered card. GR.A.AD therefore does not express a qualitative assessment (numeric grade) and certifies only the authenticity of the card.


[pr] Poor 

Poor is a card that has extreme wear signs that also affect the main image and compromise the beauty of the card, very evident bends or visible signs of shocks, small holes, mold spots, or ripples due to liquids, or relevant and evident scratches, or the edges show tears or aging and strong yellowing, the corners show heavy separations between the layers of the card, very visible or covering stains or other types of dirt. Or the card has no serious wear problems but of printing, as strongly out of registry or faded colors, or print defects that strongly affect the main image or a heavily incorrect centering.


[good] Good

Good is a card with very worn out corners and/or edges and with scratches, fraying or small tears, or the surface is very scratched, or there are evident but not covering stains, the print polishing is completely absent or there are several long folds along the surface, or there are very evident printing errors or discolored or faded parts due to agents such as the sun or liquids that have partly compromised the quality of the colors.


[vg] Very Good

Very Good is a card that has numerous visible and non-negligible defects but none of them is very serious. Surface wear and scratches on the front and back, frayed or visually worn out edges, faded or yellowed, some small bends that compromised the continuity of the surface, probably the card has almost completely lost the original printing polishing or images are quite out of register or blurry, or there are very visible printing errors or obvious traces of liquids and other accidents that compromised the card in a non-irreparable but visible way.


[vg-ex] Very Good - Excellent

This is a card that has several clearly visible problems, scratches or evident wear of the surface but none serious, marks and chipping of the edges, the original printing polishing is lost or is no longer uniform, the edges are slightly white or frayed, or the card shows a slight fold that cracked the continuity of the surface.


[ex] Excellent

Exellent is a card showing a certain wear of surfaces, edges or corners, as a fraying that is becoming evident, different scratches on the surface or chipping of the edge, evident opening of the card's layers on the edges or corners. Or it has visible print defects, a general attenuation of the original printing polishing or the focus of the image is slightly out of register. It could have spots of liquids or small dirt incrustations. In any case, all these defects must not compromise the general beauty of the card.


[ex-mt] Excellent - Mint

A card that generally has various visible defects but which do not compromise its beauty or general charm. It could be either a print defect or low color shininess, or small surface wear or other defects visible for one or more parameters such as the whiteness of the edges due to wear, small stains of liquids, fraying or the opening of card's layers on the edges or corners.


[ex-mt+] Excellent - Mint Plus

In this case, the card may have new, barely visible defects and / or signs of wear that are not too marked but which do not compromise its integrity or general aesthetics. It could be a slight print defect, very slight surface wear, fraying or opening of the paper layers at the edges or corners that are barely visible.


[nm] Near Mint

Generally it is a card that at first glance is great but that reveals one or two evident defects at the first close inspection such as small fraying of corners or edges, the image slightly out of register or out of focus, or minor print defects or traces of wear or small stains on the surfaces.


[nm+] Near Mint Plus

It is a card that has various defects and / or signs of wear that can be detected with the naked eye, but these defects are certainly not structural and the card is in very good condition from a first and quick consultation.


[nm-mt] Near Mint - Mint

It is usually a card that at first sight looks great but that after a more attentive exam shows something more than a minimal imperfection or some serious imperfections but hardly visible to a not careful examiner.


[nm-mt+] Near Mint - Mint Plus

The card in question certainly shows a set of defects (among which there may also be slight signs of wear), which, however, can be found under careful examination and a quick or inadequate analysis may not be entirely visible, or in any case not appear in their full extent.


[mint] Mint

Mint is a superb card that only has a few minimal centering, printing, texture or wear imperfections or various imperfections almost invisible to normal inspection methods. Centering must be between a minimum tolerance range.


[mint+] Mint

Mint + indicates a paper that borders on perfection and does not obtain it due to minimal defects, mainly occurring during printing, such as small imperfections in color or texture, or almost imperceptible blurring of the images, or inadequately centered layout.


[gem-mt] Gem Mint

Gem is a card virtually perfect which has received a grade between 9 and 10 for all the examined characteristics: surfaces and texture, edges and corners, print quality, wear. The image is perfectly clear and in focus, colors show the original shininess. It must also lack stains of any kind and it must not show any trace of wear nor micro-tears or scraping. The centering is basically perfect.

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