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How to participate to the Infinity Project labels contest

This project is related to our new “Infinity Project” personalized protection service. The service provides the encapsulation of a customized card in our cover and the possibility for the user to choose a label made by a designer that includes his signature printed in each copy of the label. The project also allows (and this is optional) the possibility to send a series of personalized or artistic cards that will be encapsulated by us and included in our Reward System as special prizes for other users. Each artist who joins the project will have in exchange a boost of visibility given by the signature on the label and by the cards promoted as "prizes" of our Reward System that will be shown to thousands of collectors from all around Europe.

Those who want to participate can therefore try to send us a label layout with at least 2 color variants and, if they want, also one or more personalized or completely original cards. The layout will be evaluated by our staff and if it surpasses this first selection, it will eventually be revised for technical needs and to achieve an actually publishable layout.

After that, the layout will be published and will be available to the public. At the end of the year, towards December, we will assess the impact of each artist and develop the project based on the results obtained. As mentioned, the artist will be able to put his signature in the graphics of his layout and therefore promote their work directly with a wide audience. in fact, as previously stated, each card encapsulated with that label will bear the "signature" of the author of the layout.

The competition includes a final evaluation at the end of each year made by counting the number of labels printed with a certain graphics, a count that will allow us to draw up a ranking of the most popular designs by the public. This competition is not a "fierce" competition. We have deliberately avoided a rigid regulation because we would rather encourage a creative mentality and a "friendly" competition to create an actual community made of different artists. We hope for collaborations and creative experiments, crossovers and fusions. In fact, we hope this is not the last, but rather the first of a long series of projects dedicated to creatives. Clearly it will depend on the success of the operation. However, the basic goal is to enhance the genius and creativity of artists from all around Europe (and beyond).

Materials required to participate

Here's what it takes to participate

  1. a layout for the protection label with 2 or more background color variants (max 5 or 6) in Photoshop or Illustrator.
  2. one or more personalized or completely original cards, result of the artist's creativity

Point 1: the layout

Download the sample Illustrator file that provides exact measurements of the graphic here.

Download example file

As you will see in the attachment, the graphics must be designed on 2 different levels. At the lower level there is the background, which must not contain variable texts but may contain logos, graphics and non-variable elements based on the user's choices. On the higher level, on the other hand, there will be the typographic settings, or the texts that the user can insert on the label when he wants to personalize it.

The texts can be in any font as long as the artist provides us with the font file because of how our software works.Therefore, the font file must be attached to the graphic proposal. The texts can be of any color, size or position, but the important thing is that each line of text is uniform because our system cannot color only a part of a line. The whole line must therefore be of the same color, the same size and the same font. The system is able to manage up to 4 different text blocks for the front and 2 for the back.

All the solutions proposed in the example graphics are just examples, so creatives can change all the positions of the texts and other elements to their liking. The text "designer's signature" obviously must be replaced with the real signature of the artist and does not count as a line of text that can be customized by the user but is part of the background because it does not vary.

The backgrounds of different colors (of which you can see an example in the images on the side) must all be usable with the same typographic setting because our software allows us to change the background but not the typographic settings (i.e. changing the typographic settings would mean creating two layouts and not one). Therefore, if a creative creates a dark background with light fonts to stand out against that background, he cannot propose a second light background with dark fonts: in this case he is proposing 2 different layouts.

The proposed graphics must still contain the GRAAD logo and the IP logo (Infinity Project, service logo), but the IP logo can be slightly modified by the creative to better adapt it to thir vision.

The GRAAD logo can only be changed in the colors of the hexagon lines but not in the shape.

The line “This card is not authenticated or certified” must be kept on both the front and the back, but the creator will be able to decide the font, position, size and color of the writing. 

One last thing: the separation line between the front and back of the label must not be a line that requires an exact folding. If elements are placed too close to the line, they mighr be lost during the folding process. The creative must imagine a safety margin of about 1mm because the fold line can move slightly higher or lower. So, for example, drawing a thin precise line is a wrong choice: sometimes the label would not be folded exactly on the line but a little above or a little below.

If the layout is used on the system and published, the creative will receive a discount code worth € 160 to certify up to 20 custom cards with the infinity protection service. 

Point 2: personalized cards 

Other non-mandatory material that a creative can propose in combination with his layout proposal are his personalized cards, one or more, if he wants to offer more than one copy to the public.

The image on the side shows the example of a project of 10 personalized cards that has been proposed to us.

Once the graphic design has been approved, the cards must be physically made, printed and cut (even by hand, but with extreme precision to fit within the measuraments).

The exact measurements of the cards must be

  • - Topps type: 63.8 x 89.5 mm with acute or rounded corner.
  • - Pokemon / Magic type: 63.5x 88.3 mm with rounded corner
  • - YuGiOh! type: 59.4x 86.5 mm with acute or rounded corner

Once the physical cards have been made, the creative will have to send a photo of the cards to our email and if the cards are approved because they respect the already approved graphic design, we will send a courier to collect them. 

To have their cards included in our reward system, the creative must guarantee us at least 10 cards, whether they are 10 copies of a single design or 10 different ones, at their discretion.

In exchange they will have an additional discount code to certify the same number of cards they have provided us. 

In the future, if the project is as successful as we hope, we will be able to purchase the custom cards of our artists at a price to be agreed, based on the success that the cards have with our customers, i.e. how many cards of that artist have been requested by the users.

For further questions write an email to the staff.

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