Perfect Size Cover

For every type and size of paper we have created a cover perfectly adapted to the paper


Design and aesthetics

The cover, in addition to being beautiful, is resistant, anti-UV, anti-tampering, and is comfortable because it is stackable

GRAAD has invested huge resources to give collectors the aesthetic perfection of a cover that perfectly accommodates any type of card. We have in fact 3 different types of covers. One for the Pokemon and Magic collectible cards, a cover for the YuGiOh! and a third cover for Topps, Panini, Upper Deck and other brands that produce cards with sharp corners.

GRAAD preserves the cards of the customers who sign up for the service with protective cases in plastic polycarbonate material. The case, once welded, guarantees maximum card protection. It is resistant to bumps and scratches and allows transport without ruining the card in any way.

perfect size cover

Our cases comply with these quality specifications

  • ultrasound welded (it does not ruin the card)
  • resistant to water (waterproof)  
  • anti UV rays
  • anti tampering (it breaks up if one tries to open it)
  • shockproof
  • scratchproof
  • dustproof
  • highly transparent

The case, once closed, measures 135mm x 80mm x 6mm.

Ultrasound welding

The cases are welded with an ultrasound process that guarantees a perfect weld and does not in any way affect the card stored inside. In fact, the welding process is carried out with a press that produces a localized pulse exactly in the area of the welding frame. The plastic of the two halves of the case in the involved frame area melts and the two halves are welded perfectly without causing any type of movement or heating or other alterations to the card.


At the end of the welding the case becomes like a single piece, without any crack or gaps. The card inside is therefore enclosed in an anti-infiltration case, air and waterproof.

Anti UV rays

UV rays are able to alter the inks used for card printing. A card left in the sun for three days fades due to UV rays. The plastic material with which the case is made is a chemical compound to which a component has been added that allows the plastic to create an anti-UV filter that prevents ultraviolet rays to penetrate inside. This guarantees that the inks used for card printing are not altered.


The case couples the card to its certificate so that a replacement or tampering is not possible. The ultrasound welding melts the two halves of the case. In the event of a tampering attempt, the case is irreparably destroyed because the weld ensures that the two halves are welded without gaps within the plastic material. The two halves are literally melted together, so it is impossible to "reopen" the weld to replace the card inside.

Shockproof, scratchproof, dustproof.

The material used for the case is resistant and compact. It is resistant to accidental shocks (falls, bumps against objects, etc) and to accidental scratches due to the usual friction with surfaces or other objects. It is also a material that does not attract dust and so it is very easy to wipe and it tends to not accumulate dust when it is left on display.

Highly transparent

The material of which the case is composed is a high quality plastic material, selected. Our choice to invest in a particularly expensive material is motivated by the fact of wanting to give our customers a case made of a material that, in addition to the already exposed technical specifications, also provides the maximum possible transparency to allow them to display their own cards in a beautiful and transparent case like glass.

The new GRAAD's case

September 2020: GRAAD designs and creates a new protective plastic polycarbonate case for the protection of certified cards. The drive to create the mold for a new case has begun to overcome a supply problem caused by the lockdown due to the Covid-19 health emergency. We didn't let ourselves lose heart, rather, we decided to invest and start again. After 3 months of activity stalemate, in September 2020 we started again.


The new case, in addition to keeping all the quality characteristics of the previous case unaltered, was created with a design and technical characteristics that increase even more the quality level of the case. We worked to obtain a technically and aesthetically even more elegant result than the previous one. Here are all the distinctive quality details of our new custom cases.

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