First Steps for Newcomers

How to use the site and how to enter the world of collecting

If you are a card collector GRAAD is the starting point and the ideal community for you. Here you can understand and learn so many useful things that will turn you into a much more experienced collector. So let's start trying to understand what tools GRAAD makes available to collectors.

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Verify - Certify - Inform

The GRAAD portal offers you a treasure trove of information and pages that will help you understand some secrets of the world of card collecting. To start let's begin with the 3 main functions that the portal offers to collectors:


verify the graded cards (certified by GRAAD)


make a request to have one or more cards certified


register to enter the community and receive the newsletter

They are tools dedicated to enthusiasts and collectors.

The verification  is for those who intend to buy a card and want to verify its authenticity and grade, as well as read any additional information.

The service request is for those who intend to sell one or more collectible cards and for those who intend to protect, embellish, and make their cards even more rare.

The community  is instead for everyone, especially for debut collectors who want to get informed and learn about the secrets of the world of collecting. From time to time you will receive an informative newsletter that will update you on the latest interesting news.

In addition to the newsletter, in fact, on this page and on the other informative pages of the website you can already start discovering many things. If you have never had a card certified, we advise you to continue reading in this section and take advantage of the information contained here as a preferential step that can quickly lead you to the world of experienced collectors.

Go here to

verify a code

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make a request

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First step: get in touch

Graad is not just a service, but it is an opportunity to grow, learn and follow a preferential passage to enter the world of collectors. In our community you can learn so many precious things and get to know many other collectors. The first step is to register on the site to receive the newsletter that will inform you of all the news regarding Graad, the events, meetings and activities of the community that revolves around us.


Second step: share!

We invite you to share this page with your contacts or other collecting enthusiasts like you. In fact, being an esteemed collector means first of all to make everyone understand that you are informed and always up to date. And what better opportunity to share these pages with your passionate friends, as an expert would do!

Third: certify the cards with GRAAD

Finally there is a body operating on the Italian territory, which offers collectors a very simple service to request, at a low cost and independent of the value of the card, and a beautiful and aesthetically cured reliability certificate that makes a certified card even more beautiful.

Your very first card?

If, as it is likely, you've never used our service and you have decided to try, here is a page that clarifies all doubts about what to do.

If a card is certified....

The first information that a beginner collector must consider is about the difference between a non-certified card and a certified one by GRAAD, because in general we can say that certifying with GRAAD

  • increases the value of the cards up to 80-90%
  • increases the rarity of the cards (because the other copies are not certified)
  • makes it much easier to sell cards
  • makes the value recognizable throughout the world, even American, because GRAAD's grading is PSA equivalent
  • protects the card from shocks, damage, sunlight and other agents that can wear it out because equipped with a protective case
  • means equipping the cards with an anti-fraud certificate
  • improves the prestige and beauty of the card, making it become a valuable object

Fourth: get informed and learn more

Here below you will find other important pages dedicated to those who want to become experts in the world of card collecting. In each page you will find valuable information. So don't miss out, read them and then share them with your friends.

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