Your first graded card

If you have never certified a card, you need to know that ...

Acting with awareness

You have never had a grading in the past. Maybe because it was complicated, or maybe because you didn't know how useful it can be for the collector. But now you understand why certifying your cards is a great advantage, and so you decided to request a certification for one or more cards. But our advice is: act with awareness. Read this page carefully, the instructions and the other important pages before making a request on our online form.


In summary the service works like this:

1) you place an order on our site on the Order page on which you decide the service level (standard, digital or authenticity only), decide if you want couriers for the shipments (dispatch, return, insurance) finally create a list of cards you want to send (one or more) and for each card you write the name of the card. Finally you pay or if you are in the Milan area and you want to bring them yourself you can choose payment at the store.

2) at the end of the order the system gives you a PDF file with a prefilled label to print, you print it

3) you prepare a package with the cards you put in the order (prepare with great care to avoid damage, here you can find the instructions for a well-made package) and then attach the label

4) if you requested the courier you call support (phone: 02 87393016 - from Tuesday to Saturday, 10:00 am - 7:00 pm) to arrange a time and date for package pickup. If you have chosen dispatch 'no' you bring the package to our store or use a courier of yours.

5) in one way or another the package arrives at our address and first a check will be carried out to verify that the order is correct (the cards in the package match the cards in the order)

6) the cards are sent to the processing lab where they are analyzed, they're given a grade and are finally certified and encapsulated in a case and arranged in the return package

7) the package is shipped (if you have chosen the return shipment courier) or you're notified that the package is ready and you can come to pick it up or send your courier.


Read the other FAQs

Before proceeding, to remove many of the doubts (prices, timing, shipping methods, insurance, etc.) that can arise, it is useful to read the FAQ page that clarifies many operational aspects and allows you to proceed safely.

Learn more    FAQ 

All set to avoid mistakes

Reading the instructions carefully before placing your first order is very important, because it will make you understand that probably if it's your first time, you are missing something and you are actually not ready. Maybe you have forgotten to get the sleeves or you don't know how to get a courier, or you don't have the top-loaders to protect your cards well, or you have not prepared the payment card, or you don't have a printer, or you don't have a box , or also you don't have anything to fix the deck of cards in the box...

Read the instructions

So our advice to help you not have problems and delays, is to not make your first order if you're not sure you have everything you need to complete it. And that's why it's important to read the instructions carefully. By reading them you can understand if you already have everything you need. Even, to be a real methodical collector, as you read the instructions you can write a list of things you need so that you can also have the list of what you need to get at hand.

Learn more    instructions 

Place a first trial order with a few cards

Additional important advice, if it's your first time and you have any doubts. You can in fact experience a certain mistrust towards new things, which have not already been tested. This is why GRAAD allows you to place an order ever for one, two or a few cards. In this way you can test us, making your first order with a moderate number of cards. We are sure that when for the first time you receive them at home you will be fully satisfied and so you will continue to choose GRAAD as a service to certify the cards you want to sell or protect over time.

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