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When a collector wants to sell, they should know that...

Certifying cards is better because...

For a collector who wants to sell cards the same reasons already shown on the pages dedicated to those who want to buy apply, simply overturned to the opposite point of view. If for example to a buyer a certified card has a reassuring security that drives them to buy, for the seller the security of the buyer turns into a great advantage because their card will be purchased in fact more easily as the buyer will not have doubts on its authenticity.

The quality problem

For the debut collectors one of the biggest problems is not having the experience needed to be able to claim a precise price for a card yet. They know the average pricing, but just as the expert collector knows well, a card can be sold to a much lesser or greater value based on the quality state of the card. So if you are a debut collector and you want to sell cards, the certification will help you a lot to not have to argue with potential buyers about the price, thus risking giving away some great cards at a too low price: if the quality of your card is certified, you do not leave room for doubts and interpretations and you can ask for an appropriate price suitable for its true value.

Also regarding the sales value, the seller can avoid having to discuss and convince any potential buyers of having made an honest and balanced evaluation of the card's status and may ask for a price by supporting their request with a certificate that guarantees quality.

Selling collectible cards online

In a digital negotiation the advantages of a certified card are even more evident: already in the consultation phase of the potential buyers everyone will be able to see the authenticity and quality, without the need for further insights and without many doubts that usually assail buyers. Buyers in fact will be prone to choosing cards among those certified because they are guaranteed, rejecting instead non certified cards because source of potential risks of
a fake, that is an intentinal or unaware fraud by the seller
a card in worse conservation conditions than stated

For all these reasons a certified card is much more saleable on all markets, both national and foreign, both digital and during in person negotiations.

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