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Certification: authenticity and quality

You are a collector who wants to buy collectible cards. Great, we'll now explain to you why, if you want to buy a card of a certain value, you are right to choose one that has been certified by GRAAD. In fact cards verified and authenticated by GRAAD offer you an important and irreplaceable certainty of authenticity and quality, carried out for you by a team of expert collectors with 20 years of experience in the sector.

What it means to certify collectible cards: authenticity

Certifying a collectible card means entrusting the task of verifying the authenticity of the card to GRAAD and therefore to have a third impartial participant in the negotiation between buyer and seller.

Verification via QR code or numeric code

GRAAD provides you with an immediate verification function. During a negotiation in person, if you have the graded card in your hands, directly use the QR code present on the back of the card. If the scan leads you to GRAAD's online certificate page and the card matches, you can be sure it is genuine.

During an online negotiation, that is when you want to buy a certified card by GRAAD on eBay or other portals, you just need to identify the printed numeric code on the certificate and enter it in the verification form (available at this URL). If the system displays GRAAD's online certificate page and the card matches, you can be sure it is genuine.

The best guarantee against fakes

The certification of authenticity is first of all to avoid fakes, increasingly widespread in a sector where medium or high value cards have prices that easily go beyond €100 and push counterfeiters to try to produce fake cards to sell them to less experienced collectors. When you start a negotiation for a non-certified card, you may run into a fake. The seller, aware or not (ie was in turn a victim), is trying to sell it and therefore, from the point of view of the potential buyer, the risks are many.

However, if a card was certified by GRAAD it is certainly authentic because fake cards are identified and rejected, so you will never find a fake card encapsulated in a case with a GRAAD certificate. To eliminate any further doubt about a card equipped with a GRAAD certificate just use the online verification code: if by entering the code in the specific verification space our system shows you exactly that card, it means that the card is authentic. So if you are in a negotiation and the card is certified by GRAAD, relax, you have nothing to fear: check the code, if everything is alright, buy the card without worries because it is definitely genuine.

Digital negotiations and personal negotiations

A very experienced collector can personally check if a card is authentic provided that they physically have it in their hands, in a negotiation made in person. An inexperienced collector though, even in a personal negotiation is not always able to recognize a fake because
the ability of the scammers of counterfeiting cards has reached a considerable degree of precision. Even more risky are digital negotiations, carried out on portals like eBay or other portals where you can buy cards. For the collector, expert or inexperienced, it is not possible to verify the authenticity until they have paid and received the card with the shipment. And when it arrives it is already too late: if it turns out to be fake they have no chance to recover the lost money. Therefore, even more so in a digital negotiation, buying a certified card is a guarantee of authenticity controllable remotely and first: look for the card's verification code and enter it in our system: if the card is the one you want to buy you can stay assured, it is authentic.

What it means to certify collectible cards: quality

An even more important question is about the quality of the card in a negotiation. In fact this factor greatly affects the final price of the sale. By quality we mean both the state of conservation and wear, and the printing quality of the copy. A card certified by GRAAD leaves no doubt: the numeric vote from 1 to 10 expresses precisely the card's quality, judged by a team of experts with 20 years of experience in the sector and following a mathematical and rigorous method, therefore not arbitrary.

Certified quality

GRAAD's grade is impartial and objective. A negotiation for a certified card is for the buyer a very important certainty: quality is expressed in a simple way and guaranteed by GRAAD.

Arbitrary quality

A negotiation for a non-certified card is instead much less safe. A very experienced collector, with years of experience, can perhaps identify with an inspection some elements that make a card more or less of value. But a beginner collector does not know that there are several elements which influence the final value. And in the case of digital negotiations this verification becomes just impossible for the buyer, be they experienced or not.

Some quality elements are quite obvious in fact. Others instead are more difficult to assess without a grading procedure. And in any case it is not easy for those who buy to ensure and agree on a price especially when the card looks in good conditions, because the difference between a card in perfect conditions, and one in good but not perfect, is not visible to the examination of an inexperienced person.

The consequence, for the beginner collector, is that they let themselves be convinced of being in front of a perfect card (which is presented with a grade of 10) because they do not know exactly what and how to verify, and do not have the tools to do so. So they buy it at a very high price compared to the standard pricing, and then one day they try to sell it and discover that actually the card was in good conditions, but not perfect (let's say a real vote of 8). They therefore lose 30-40% of the value they had invested. Cards certified by GRAAD avoid this problem, both in personal negotiations and in digital negotiations, providing the collector who wants to buy with the certainty of the objective quality of the card.

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