For those who want to preserve

If you want to let your collection grow and preserve the cards, you must know that...

Time: friend or enemy?

Like all collectors know time increases the value of cards, but it is also the main danger to their quality. It often happens that cards deteriorate due to bumbling transport, bumps, scratches, liquids... but it also happens that the cause are much more insidious agents, because slow and hardly perceptible, such as moisture and exposure to light that ruin the quality of the paper or the printing.

Collecting means preserving

But time is a fundamental element for the collector that will inevitably have to buy and store cards if they want to let their collection grow making it rich and wide. So the right method to preserve their precious cards is one of the fundamental points that the collector must consider as part of this passion. Even more so, collectors who aspire to become professional and transform a passion into a remunerative activity must ensure that there is a truly effective and lasting card conservation system.

Certify immediately, protect quality

So an important piece of advice if you are a collector is to consider well when the best time is to certify a card: as soon as possible.

Now in fact your card is in a state of preservation that can only get worse: now is the time to certify and protect it because time inevitably leads only to potential risks. Conservation accidents such as bumps, falls, liquids, machines, scratches, moisture, UV rays that deteriorate colors, or many other more or less sudden or unpredictable agents may deteriorate the card.

GRAAD's case, a barrier against time

But if the card is protected by a plastic polycarbonate GRAAD's case and sealed with an ultrasound micro-welding, it will be perfectly protected over the years from light, UV rays, humidity changes, spots, bumps and all forms of damage. You have to hammer them, if you really want to ruin your cards. For this reason a GRAAD certification is a very important guarantee to avoid having unwelcome surprises and keep all the value of your cards intact.

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