GRAAD Standard

The most requested level of service

The GRAAD Standard service is an optical authenticity and quality evaluation procedure of a collectible card or sticker available at the

base price of €20,00 / per card

base price of €20,00 / per sticker

servizio di certificazione simil psa certificazione standard graad

The item (card or stiker) undergoes a preliminary check, then it undergoes the actually grading procedure. For its protection, it's encapsulated in a plastic anti-tampering polycarbonate case with its authenticity and qualitative evaluation certificate.

We called it "Standard" because it was designed to be consistent with the established market standards in the grading world.

Standard Service Price


Carta: Standard
QNT15 days10 days5 days1 day0 same day
1-920,00 €25,00 €32,00 €42,00 €54,00 €
10 - 3018,00 €22,50 €28,79 €37,79 €48,59 €
31 - ∞16,80 €21,00 €26,87 €35,27 €45,35 €


Figurina: Standard
QNT15 days10 days5 days1 day0 same day
1-920,00 €25,00 €32,00 €42,00 €54,00 €
10 - 3018,00 €22,50 €28,79 €37,79 €48,59 €
31 - ∞16,80 €21,00 €26,87 €35,27 €45,35 €

Booster Pack

Bustina: Standard
QNT15 days10 days5 days1 day0 same day
1-4925,00 €40,00 €50,00 €65,00 €75,00 €
50 - ∞23,00 €36,80 €46,00 €59,79 €69,00 €


Box: Standard
QNT15 days10 days5 days1 day0 same day
1--140,00 €53,35 €80,03 €100,04 €120,05 €
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The cost of the stickers is slightly higher because, to give our customers the highest quality of service, we adopt an additional procedure: a thin, super-transparent plexiglass sheet is cut with the exact measurements of the stickers. This procedure avoids any movement inside the cover and improves the aesthetic impact by making the sticker appear as "suspended", avoiding the use of card sleeves or any other improvised trick.

Signature authentication

Our Standard service can also be performed on signed cards by checking the optional "Signature Authentication + 12€" while entering your order. The card goes under the same procedure as a regular Standard service but an additional handwriting analysis is performed as well. 

servizio di certificazione e autenticazione firme standard graad

The team will authenticate both the item (card or sticker) and the signature. If both (item and signature) are authentic, the card will encapsulated with our Standard grade, plus the the SGNT (Signature) code. The name of the author of the signature will appear at the bottom left of the certificate.

If the signature is declared false, but the card is authentic, it will be encapsulated with the wording AA (Altered-Authentic) as explained in the preliminary verification paragraph.
Fake cards, as always, will be sent back to their owners without being encapsulated.


How we adapted to the market's standards

We adapted to the market standards regarding

  • the final evaluation scale from 1 to 10 with the related acronyms
  • the parameters examined by the procedure
  • the ultrasound micro-welded plastic polycarbonate anti-tampering case
  • the use of a unique numerical code to consult the digital certificate
  • the anti-counterfeit holographic stamp

What we improved

Our flat rate price

We do not ask for additional fees depending on the value of the card you intend to certificate.  We do not believe that "taxing" the collector in relation to the value of their card is fair.
Graad Standard is a certification conceived for low, medium and medium-high value cards (up to about €200), but the collector can request this service for cards of any value.

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For high value cards we have devised a much more specific and qualitatively superior service, GRAAD Digital, a grading service that includes Standard grading and deepens the evaluation through a more scrupulous analysis run with even more precise equipment. It is not conceived as a mandatory cost but as an opportunity accessible to those who understand its value.

Learn more    graad digital

The procedure

Compared to other grading companies, we have also improved the optical verification procedure based on the analysis of the card with a magnifying glass. You can learn more about the grading process here:

Learn more    the grading process

We also improved

The grade's quality

We decided to improve the way we calculate the final grade of a card/sticker using a more objective formula that adopts a weighted average specifically designed to consider the actual "weight" of different factors, of different defects.
American grading companies, born and specialized in sports cards, usually give the same weight to different factors. Their view is very different from what TCG collectors usually look for in graded collectible cards. As GRAAD we decided to assign a different weight to each factor, to each defect, to reflect the actual needs of TCG collectors and to express a final grade that is certainly more rigorous and scientific.

The aesthetics

We also focused on improving the aesthetic of the graded card, creating a well-refined label that enanches the beauty of the card itself. You can read more about the structure and the aesthetic of our certificates here:

Learn more    GRAAD's certificate

The QR code on the back of the label

As a convenient alternative to the eight-digit numeric code, we introduced a practical QR-code on the back of the certificate. By scanning it with a smartphone, you get access directly to the digital certificate's page.

Certifiable cards

Thanks to the twenty-year long experience of our team in the collectible card world, we are able to certify any card, from any brand, in any language. Please take a look at our "Certifiable Cards" page to see the few exceptions we cannot certify.

Learn more    certifiable cards

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