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METHA wants to be a series of handmade and unique collectible cards, with character and visual uniqueness. They testify to the existence of new worlds, new realities. This collection stands out qualitatively and wants to resonate with contemporary art enthusiasts and beyond. More than just "pieces" of paper: "pocket" works to always carry with you. As amulets for good luck, apotropaic objects, "friends" of company. With the certainty that wherever we go and take them we will never be alone. This idea was born from the need of any creative or art lover to coexist with their works in a symbiotic way. This is a need that prompted the artist Filippo Fadini (in collaboration with Bozhang Zhu) to develop METHA NEO-INFINITY 2022. Project forerunner of interesting collaborations with artists and other people to bring back to life the concept of true and pure "ART". The one that must be shared and expresses values, contents enclosed in archetypal forms and creatures. The one that goes beyond the surface and has no boundaries. The one that digs and brings to light the metaphysical mysteries of Life itself.

The artist Filippo Fadini caught in the creative act while carrying out some preparatory studies for the design of a card (ph. Matteo Giussani, ZUZZU). The process then involves the digitization of the work through the PC-sculpture © FPBZ PRO Limited edition ( see image below). Subsequently, the product will be printed, and then perfected and edited by hand with a precise and rigorous stroke. Later the work is analyzed and examined by colleague Bozhang Zhu.

METHA is therefore a complex universe. Every creature that lives there complies with strict laws to ensure its survival. All worship and faithfully serve Queen ELEMYU. Her kingdom, vast and boundless, is defended by the supreme metaphysical beasts: DRAKMAE, Metaphysical King; PHONO, Metaphysical Fury and the fearsome KOOFY, Metaphysical Wanderer. They tirelessly rule and control specific parts of METHA, assuring ELEMYU her unlimited power. And you? Will you be able to enter the Kingdom with your trusted creatures? Show who you are!

 ... METHA is waiting for you ...

To see other works that Filippo and Bozhang create, visit

Below we attach more material that shows the creative process and the passion behind the METHA 2022 project.

All rights reserved © FilippoFadini © BozhangZhu

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