Protection of the cards

Tools and materials to ensure quality and protection for cards

An important aspect of our Authenticity certification services, Standard and Digital, is represented by the tools and materials we have adopted to guarantee our customers maximum quality and protection for their cards.

Polycarbonate case

Our protective cases are made of plastic polycarbonate material and are ultrasound welded to ensure an absolutely safe sealing system for the cards inside which are in no way damaged in the process. Our cases comply with these quality specifications

  • ultrasound welded (does not ruin the card)
  • resistant to water (waterproof)
  • anti UV rays
  • anti tampering (it breaks up if you try to open it)
  • scratchproof
  • dustproof
  • highly transparent

The case, once welded, guarantees resistance to bumps and scratches and allows transport without ruining the card in any way. It also matches the card with its certificate so that a replacement is not possible: in the event of tampering the case is destroyed irreparably since the ultrasound welding guarantees that the two halves are welded without gaps in the plastic material. The two halves are literally melted together, so it is impossible to "reopen" the welding to replace the card inside.

Ultrasound welding of the case

In the final phase of the grading process the two halves of the plastic polycarbonate case are welded with an ultrasound generator and an actuator equipped with a sonotrode, ie the component that transmits the vibration located on a surface.

To weld the two halves we therefore use a process that creates a progressive intermolecular clutch between the two sections which leads to a localized increase in temperature concentrated in an extremely short interval of time (in the range of tenths of a second) and causes the fusion of the junction area.

The two fused micro-surfaces penetrate one in the other and weld without the need for glue or additives. We thus obtain the maximum precision and cleanliness because only the specific junction area is involved in the process, the fusion is well-defined and precise and prevents any type of crack, even microscopic, to the card inside. Furthermore, this system prevents any tampering with the case, since the welding is impossible to open without really destroying or damaging the case.

Anti-fraud and anti-fake holographic stamp

On the certificate coupled to the card inside the case you will find the exclusive GR.A.AD's holographic stamp that definitively certifies the label inside. If the stamp is not present or if the stamp is not original you may have run into a counterfeiting attempt.

However, the stamp cannot be counterfeited because it is made with a unique and unmistakable matrix. In case of doubts, check that the stamp matches our official description. If you can't ascertain the authenticity and your doubts remain take a close photo and send the file to our customer service.


Our certification of authenticity and grading is anti-fraud and anti-counterfeit because the collector interested in buying has different safeguards and methods of verification to make sure that the card contained in the case is genuine. GR.A.AD guarantees with absolute certainty the authenticity of a card because:

  • the case is sealed by ultrasound welding and couples a unique certificate to that specific card. It is in ultrasound welded polycarbonate. It is therefore not possible to tamper with a case without damaging it visibly. It is thus impossible to replace the card inside with a minor quality or fake card.
  • the certificate's code is unique, duplicates cannot exist, if you enter a valid code it is associated with one and only one card
  • if you enter a code that does not exist (because someone has tried to counterfeit it) the system will return a warning to suggest that you check that you have entered the number correctly
  • if you insert the same code that does not exist three times, you have run into a counterfeited card, ie not authenticated by GR.A.AD and therefore not certified.

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