The new Full Art labels

Discover some examples of the new Full Art labels with graphics adapted to the card

With our new Full Art labels we decided to capture certain elements of the card's illustration to make custom labels specifically designed for each singular card. Whether it's displayed on a pedistal, framed on the wall, or even preserved in a binder, the Full Art graaded card will always be a little gem, perfect for any collector and collection.

Even if there isn't a Full Art label already associated to the card you are planning to grade, we will make a new one after you submit your order. So, as long as the card fits in our cases, any card can get their personal Full Art label!

If you would like to get your card graaded with our new Full Art label, all you have to do is go to the "Order" section on our website, select the Collectible Type (Card) and then pick "Standard" as your Service Level. After picking "Standard" as your Service Level, you can click on the "Change Label" button and then, if you want to see a preview of what your label will look like, you can enter here the name of the card you intend to grade and select the right one from the list on the right (do not worry, if you select the wrong one our staff will rectify it as soon as we receive your order in our offices). 

Please note that GRAAD will not accept any suggestions/requests regarding Full Art labels that haven't been designed yet. Hope you will understand.

Every card has its own specifically designed Full Art label. It is not possible to associate to a certain card the label designed for another card. If two or more cards have the same exact artwork (reprints) they all will be associated to the same Full Art label. Our Full Art Label can only be associated to original, non-altered cards graaded with our Standard service. Cards graaded with our  Digital service or simple  Authentications cannot be associated to an Full Art label. If you're interested in the encapsulation of custom/altered cards we suggest our Infinity Project service.

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