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Detailed explanation of the sticker service

Certify the stickers with GRAAD

GRAAD has developed high quality services dedicated to stickers. As for TCG cards, our services provide for the certification of authenticity only, or a standard service for the certification of authenticity and qualitative evaluation (vote from 1 to 10) or finally an innovative digital certification service that provides for both authentication and the base grade, but adds a more in-depth assessment expressed through the GRAAD bonus.

The services have been developed to certify the stickers

  • of all brands on the market
  • of any existing measure, less than 63.8 mm x 89.5 mm
  • of any western or eastern language
  • with or without autographs and signatures

All the procedures envisaged for the cards are also adopted for the stickers and the objective and stable evaluation method adopted in the standard certification (which gives the sticker a grade from 1 to 10) is the same, i.e. an algorithm that determines, based on to the value of the parameters, a final grade. Clearly, the specification for evaluating the individual parameters has been adapted to take into account the differences between cards and stickers.

The service dedicated to stickers is accessible through the order form, just like for collectible cards. Just choose the type of item "sticker" and enter the name of your sticker in the list of required certifications.

Aesthetic perfection

The stickers have dozens of different formats, making the closure system in a cover problematic, especially if you want an aesthetically perfect solution, that is, one that takes into account each sticker size.

To achieve this perfection we have developed a system to house the figurine in a super-transparent plexiglass frame which, at the time of certification, is cut (laser cut) in order to adapt perfectly to the format of the figurine.

This solution also allows you to place the card inside the cover and keep it in a perfectly still position, avoiding the use of sachets or other "rough" systems that would have lowered the quality of the service.

As you can also see by looking at the photo, the figurine appears to be "suspended" in the transparent perfection of our cover that enhances the beauty of the object it contains.

In this way we have the possibility to certify and encapsulate stickers of any size. The collector can rest assured, he has the possibility to send any format, even rare and particular, as long as the measures of the figurine do not exceed 63.8 mm x 89.5 mm.

For this reason, the prices of the stickers are slightly higher than those of the cards because the processing of the stickers requires this additional step which is not necessary for the cards. 

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